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How it works

“Coaching is a conversation-based approach to moving someone from where they are to where they want to be."

Nick Bolton - Animas Coaching

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What is coaching?

Coaching creates clarity of purpose and direction. 

It challenges limiting beliefs and self-talk, and it encourages clients to move towards successful resolutions of their issues, challenges and opportunities.
Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery and self-awareness combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required.


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Am I the right coach for you?

The best way to see if you like my coaching style is by having a free 60-minute session. There we can discuss your goals, look at what’s been holding you back and together work out the best way forward. Whether that be breaking it down into manageable next steps or by taking huge leaps towards your bright and bold new future. 


Afterwards, if you liked the free session, we can move into creating a program tailored for you, on a timescale that suits your needs. 

My coaching sessions normally last 90 minutes and are priced at £125 - but I offer discounts if a number of sessions are booked together.  60 Minute sessions are £85


*** Please note I also offer pro bono sessions for Sobriety Coaching. ***

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Discretion & confidentiality

Discretion and confidentiality is key. I want my clients to feel utterly relaxed and open, it is only by creating this trust that we can move forward and achieve the best results.

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Will coaching work for me?

Absolutely! Coaching works for anyone of any age. We are never too young or too old to change and learn about ourselves.  


So, first things first, simply book a free discovery session and we can take it from there. I truly believe coaching is a great way to change your future and help you achieve everything you want in life, whatever that may be.

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