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Image by Andrew Neel

Business Coaching

Big or small, no matter what size your company, I believe I can help your staff. 


In my previous career I managed huge teams and ran global projects with multi-million pound budgets. This gives me a good insight into leadership skills, planning, motivation, realistic goal setting, and communication, but most importantly the daily problem solving and pitfalls anyone can face in all walks of business.


Your team's mental health is important. I can also help you and your employees with stress and finding a work & life balance, whilst still helping to improve productivity and therefore creating a happy team.


For instance, here is just one way I like to do business packages; In the morning I work with your team as a large group. We look at tools and frameworks to help them manage their daily goals. Then we break into 1 to 1 sessions for as long as needed, so each team member has time to focus on their own individual journey. 


Get in touch as we can tailor a unique package suited for your company.

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